A key aim of the Kineton eco-groups' agenda is to raise awareness of the key environmental, energy, transport and consequently social problems arising from today's globalised political economy . We are also wish to share practical skills - such as growing food - which will become ever more necessary as the biospheric and energy crisis intensifies.

Orchards, Local Fruit Trees, and Grafting

Organised by Kineton Community Orchard,

10 September 2011, Kineton Sports and Social Club, With Marcus Roberts

Kineton Green Fair

14 October 2012, KSSC, Organised by Kineton Community Energy Group, with ECO2Solar, Community Energy Warwickshire, Transition Stratford, WOT2Grow, Stratford Friends of the Earth, Kineton Wildlife Group

Diggers Awake!

20 October 2012Kineton Sports and Social Club,

A workshop organised by Getting Kineton Growing in association with Rescue!History, http://www.rescue-history.org.uk/ to celebrate the 1649 activists who occupied the common land on St George's Hill, Surrey and began growing food there - their relevance to land, food, the biosphere and human potential now/ With food policy expert, Tim Lang, English revolution historian, George Yerby, Latin America land rights watcher, Tony Campbell - and the film Winstanley

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