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The Site of Getting Kineton Growing and Kineton's other eco-groups.

On this site you'll be able to find out more about what's happening in a vibrant village in South Warwicks, our community's efforts to become greener, wiser, more conscious of where our food comes from, looming energy issues and climate change, and to become more in tune with ourselves and our natural environment

About Us

It all began as a conversation in Market Square. The subject was climate change, how people were responding and, what we, in Kineton, were going to do about it. The conversation widened to include other Kineton folk. Our little group talked about rising fuel bills, issues of peak oil and lots about growing our own food. We learnt about the Transition Network (http://www.transitionetwork.org/ ) and how their ideas of energy descent, sustainability and resilience might be applied to Kineton. Inevitably, we thought up lots of ways forward always limited by time and resource. Eventually, with thanks to Julian - and Rachel - for pushing the idea, we decided that a Farmers' Market right here in Market Square would be a very good expression of intent for our wider goals and. thanks to Myles, also came up with a name, Getting Kineton Growing, for the project to encourage friends, neighbours and the community at large to grow more of Kineton's own food.

So we started with two main pillars, GKG and the Farmers' Market, the latter we hoped also providing a small revenue stream to help support more of GKG's work plus a third arm: an educational programme geared towards practical skills and knowledge for a time of accelerating climate change and spiralling energy costs.

Since then, various other spin-off groups have developed from the original programme. The diagram below shows how they are all connected

All our groups work variously but closely with the Parish Council, Kineton Sports and Social Club, St Peter's church, the Methodist.and Kineton's cycling groups We regularly publish articles and details of our events in 'Outlook' the monthly parish magazine.

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