Working the steam pressApple Day has become a regular fixture in the GKG calendar. Held usually on a Sunday in mid-October, very often on the same weekend as the last Farmers' Market it represents the culmination of our year - and a time to have some fun.

Actually we borrowed the idea of an apple-pressing event from our neighbours in Combrook.  By way of Jim Blenkinsop and his magnificent steam engine which drives the scratter, which pulps the apples which provide the 'cheeses' for the apple press itself, copious quantities of apple juice have made for  some fairly scrumptious cider too. We'd particularly like to  thank Combrook folk, Jim and  Hazel and Peter Bridgewater for their consistent help and advice with our efforts.

Of course, this being Kineton we've also developed our own unique imprint to the event. Scrumping for the apples - often after the market but sometimes a week before - is a truly village activity. We make a point of speaking at the primary school assembly on the wonders of apple juice in the week prior to scrumping  Not surprisingly, when we get to visit some of our apple tree- resplendent local gardens, not least the Hoyles, the Swanwicks, above all the Lewis apple orchard on Pittern Hill, from which much of our bounty comes, we've always got lots of youngsters to help us. There's always plenty of folk on hand, too on apple day itself to wash the apples, man the scratter and presses at our Kineton Sports and Social Club venue. There's Mark's miniature press too, so that children can do the whole process from pulping to drinking all in one go. And, thanks again to a Parish Council grant, Myles' friend Francis has helped create our own excellent D-I-Y press and scratter. For good measure, we've organised some food event competitions for the day,  some pretty standard - best apple cake or pie, best vegetable photograph,  largest  pumpkin -   some decidedly barmy :  such as the most wonky vegetable.

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